Update SkyEnder Alpha 1.0.2 | Nut Busting Tags, Sell Wands, and more!
Started by NotAnder

Hello everyone! Today we are announcing our second update! In this update, we have added and modified a few thing on our server that our wonderful community has asked us to do! Here is a small list of the stuff we modified!

[+] Added Sell Wands! (Can be obtainted via crates)
[+] Added Tag Vouchers! (Can be obtainted via crates)
[+] Added Rank Vouchers! (Can be obtainted via crates)
[+] Added 10 new tags! ([|O_O|], [#DaddyIssues], [SendNoods], [DaddysMagicMilk], [Bridges], [eGirl], [eBoy], [SuckySucky], [Stiffy] and [<3])
[*] Buffed the buy/sell prices for all ores
[*] Nerfed the chances of getting a dragon egg
[-] Removed my sanity

All of these additons are now live on the server right now! You dont need to do anything else in order to access these features! There might be bugs that occur while you play, so if you encounter these issues, please report it to us and we will try our best to fix it! That is all we want to say today, we hope you have a nice day, and we will see you on the server!
- [Owner] NotAnder

Over 2 years ago