Update SkyEnder Alpha 1.1 | The Minions Update
Started by NotAnder

Hello everyone! Today we are announcing our first major update! In this update, we have added and modified a lot of things on our server that our wonderful community has asked us to do! Here is a list of the stuff we modified!

[+] Added minions to the server

Minions are a tool to help automate your grinding on the server. There are a total of 7 different types of minions that you can get:

Miner (Mines the block in-front, upgraded miner smelts ore / mines multiple blocks in front) 
Slayer (Kills mobs within a certain range)
Collector (Collects Items within a certain range)
Feeder (Feeds minions with a certain range)
Lumberjack (Chops wood & leaves within a certain range)
Farmer (Farms farmland within a certain range)
Fisher (Catches fish within water pools located infront of the minion)

By default, you can place 2 minions. You can upgrade this restricions in the upgrades section. Please note that this limit is per player, and not per island, so if you have a team mate, you can place 2 minions, and he can also place 2 minions. 

You can also link minions to chests, by clicking on the hopper in the menu, and clicking on the chest you want to link.

You can obtain minions through crates, which can be obtained by voting, winning the reactions, waiting for keyalls, or buying them on the store!

[+] Added bartender to the server

The bartenter can give you a assortment of drinks that gives you a chance of doubling your money! The chances of this depends on what drink you are drinking. The more you pay, the less chances you have of doubling your value!

[+] Added emoticons to the server

You wanna express yourself? Do ya, do ya? Well, for people with donator rank or higher, you can use a plethera of emotes in chat. To check the full list, type /emotes!

[+] Added feeeeeeeeeeelings to the server

Who the fuck cares about buffing villagers or lowering the price of upgrades? All you care about is expressing your feelings right? You can hug, kiss, or even bite someone, so you can make your furry sweadish high school minecraft love story. Everyone wants this, right?

[+] You can sit on stairs

Um, nothing else to really say here, but you can it on chairs!


Moderators and higher can access the troll menu, so watch out, and beware!

[*] Iron Golem now only drops iron

Due to a bug thats unfixible, and the community thinking its too op, we have made the decision to remove the other ore drops on iron golem, so now it only drops iron again!

[-] Removed the sex plugin

It doesnt exist, but ill think about thinking about adding it soon

All of these additons are now live on the server right now! You dont need to do anything else in order to access these features! There might be bugs that occur while you play, so if you encounter these issues, please report it to us and we will try our best to fix it! That is all we want to say today, we hope you have a nice day, and we will see you on the server!
- [Owner] NotAnder

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