Announcements The SkyEnder Forums are now open to the public!
Started by NotAnder

After working on the website continuously for a few days, I am glad to announce that the SkyEnder website is now open to the public! This means that the website is available to sign up, and chat! The website will now be the main place to discuss the server, report bugs and players, appeal, and apply for either staff or media ranks! Most of the forums will be available to the public, with the exception of the Applications forums. Like I have said before, the website will now be the main source for announcements, news, and information. With that being said, players that are interested in applying for staff will be required to sign up for the website in order to apply for staff. Since the website is currently in public beta, there might be some features missing that will be implemented later on, and there will be bugs that you may accouter. If you find these bugs, or want to suggest a feature, go to the forums section and find the support subforum. I hope everyone enjoys the website, and I will see you there
- Best Wishes,


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