Announcements SkyEnder | Join Us On June 24th, 2022!
Started by NotAnder

Hello! After a long 2 year hiatus, we are proud to finally announce that SkyEnder will be open to the public on June 24th, 2022! Unlike the last time that we were open, you can join without needing to sign up in advanced, which means on release day you can hop in! Please note that while we are allowing people to join in the server, the server is by no means completely finished. Over time, and with the help of community feedback, we will expand and optimize the server over time to create the beast experience on the server! When it comes time to join the server, the server IP will be! We do have a teaser video up on our YouTube channel, which the video in question is below.

For now, this is all that I have to tell you today! If you have any questions, feel free to let me or any other staff members know! Have a great day, and I hope I see you on the server!
- [OWNER] NotAnder

8 months ago